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Chemicals Equipment
Production and supply of shale shakers screens
A wide range of shale shakers screens for oil and gas companies
years on the market
Mongoose PT
Dimensions: 585 х 1165 х 40 mm
Weight: 11,3 kg
TS 3669-001-31080010-2015
Derrick Composite
Derrick 48 SOFT
Derrick Steel plate
MD-2/3 Composite frame
Kemtron KDX (pull on)
Dimensions: 1140 х 1210 mm
Вес: 3 kg
Dimensions: 1050 х 700 mm
Weight: 9,8 kg
Dimensions: 1050 х 695 mm
Weight: 2,6 kg
Dimensions: 1050 х 700 mm
Weight: 7,6 kg
Dimensions: 615 х 610 mm
Weight: 6,5 kg
Dimensions: 1220 х 720 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Brandt composite frame
Dimensions: 1250 х 635 mm
Weight: 13 kg
Production: St. Petersburg
Delivery time: from 2 months

Circulation time up to 350 hours
Sieve panel for vibrating sieves Mongoose PT
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You l need only 1 call and 10 minutes time to conclude a deal for the supply of the necessary products.
We work promptly
It is important for us to be convenient for the client and maintain the company's image. We try to comply with modern trends, constantly develop and improve the user experience
At every stage of the deal, we do our best for you. If there is an opportunity to do the work faster and better, we will always take advantage of it
We are actively developing
We strive to surprise
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Our company employs only experienced professionals who have been working with TREGAR for more than 5 years
We are confidently moving towards the convenience of the client

Geography of activity

Russia, China, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain

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