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Chemicals Equipment

MD-2/3 Composite framed

Overall dimensions, mm - 615*610
Weight, kg - 6.5
Type - Frame on a composite basis
Number of layers - 3
Cell size 24-400

Technical requirements

Filtering multilayers cassette for shale shakers equipment

M-I SWACO MD-3/2 shakers
D-2/3 shale shakers screens are vibrating meshes with a combined frame, which are suitable for both M-I SWACO MD-2 (two-layer shale shakers with a flat deck) and MD-3 (three-layer shale shakers with a flat deck).

Shale shakers screens SJ-MD-2/3 are used for:
-Two-layers flat shale shakers M-I SWACO MD-2.
-Three-layers shale shakers M-I SWACO MD-3.

Geography of activity

Russia, China, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain

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